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Customs Classification

Customs Classification

Tariff classification involves classifying of import and export goods into various categories.All imported and exported goods must be classified for customs purposes.Most countries classify goods in accordance with the WCO (World Customs Organizations) harmonized commodity description and coding system, which is popularly known as HS (Harmonized System).
It is important to classify all goods, for the purpose of collecting import and export duties bythe customs. This is also for the importers and exporters to know under which head of tariffclassification their goods fall, and what would be applicable duties & taxes, thereby. Sinceapplicable duties & taxes effects the eventual cost and therefore price of goods at which it isavailable to the end consumer, it is critical for exporters and importers to precisely knowunder which category of tariff classification their goods might fall, or else, they might land up facing penalties.
Our dedicated team has product, import and export analysts, who have an experience of consulting clients from different business segments in various trade remedies related matters. We provide services to our clients concerning customs classification matters.

Steps involved in BIS Registration Procedure

Step 1

Submit Application

Step 2

Testing of products in BIS Approved Lab

Step 3

Offline Submission (Hard copy) of Application

Step 4

Scrutiny of Application & Report by BIS Officials

Step 5

Grant of Licence

Project Timeline

BIS Registration within 30 working days