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Market Research

Market Research

Continuous change in global market scenario or trade scenario can affect market position adversely. Also, sudden increase in import or decrease in prices from a trade partner may lead to arduous situations.
Our reports and expert advise can be of help in such times- in improving market position and also getting relief from issues like low prices imports or surgent in imports. ITAS team has remained involved in various benchmarking studies and have considerable experience in market research.
We customize our analysis models to suit clients from different market segments and take a different approach in different cases as required. This makes us and the client to create a unique working environment while determining suitable measures to curb deteriorating position in the market or to get established in any market.
We also offer exclusive Chinese market overview of various products.

Steps involved in BIS Registration Procedure

Step 1

Submit Application

Step 2

Testing of products in BIS Approved Lab

Step 3

Offline Submission (Hard copy) of Application

Step 4

Scrutiny of Application & Report by BIS Officials

Step 5

Grant of Licence

Project Timeline

BIS Registration within 30 working days