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Trade Agreements

Trade Agreements

Indian Government has been quiet active in signing trade agreements. By now, more than 15trade agreements have been signed by India. Main goal of these agreements is economicgrowth, by tariff reduction, removal of non- tariff barriers, creating investment opportunities, trade in services, etc. Most of these agreements aim to have a global free market economy.Trade agreements are negotiated in a way to give considerable benefits to all membercountries. It allows and gives opportunity to all member countries to discuss duringnegotiations- possible adverse effects. Any adverse effect of an agreement being singed istaken in account while negotiations. However, when countries with different economicbackground sign an agreement, there might be situations when certain section of industryfinds them in a tight spot.
We have helped our clients to determine areas where they can get benefited greatly by tradeagreements, and also negate any adverse situations which may arise due to trade agreements.

Steps involved in BIS Registration Procedure

Step 1

Submit Application

Step 2

Testing of products in BIS Approved Lab

Step 3

Offline Submission (Hard copy) of Application

Step 4

Scrutiny of Application & Report by BIS Officials

Step 5

Grant of Licence

Project Timeline

BIS Registration within 30 working days