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Non-Tariff Barrier

Non-Tariff Barrier

Barriers which can restrict importation or exportation of goods and/ or make importation or exportation of goods costly, and are generally not affected by tariff regulations- such barriers typically gets covered under non tariff barriers. These barriers arise from various trade situations and conditions created or imposed by the governments. Some such situations or conditions to name are product technical requirements, import license, exportlicense, complex regulatory procedures, buy national policies, quotas and subsidies.Exporters and importers might find difficult to adjust in a trade environment which debars them from exporting and importing freely. However, in most of the cases, it should beconvenient to create a neutral or a satisfactory situation.
ITAS has a dedicated team to understand and provide suitable solutions to clients in non- tariff barriers.

Steps involved in BIS Registration Procedure

Step 1

Submit Application

Step 2

Testing of products in BIS Approved Lab

Step 3

Offline Submission (Hard copy) of Application

Step 4

Scrutiny of Application & Report by BIS Officials

Step 5

Grant of Licence

Project Timeline

BIS Registration within 30 working days